A conceptual map to understand and implement the teaching of thinking

Article Name Abstract
Designing an Educational Environment in Six Steps: Teaching for Understanding and the Motivation for Understanding The first part of this article describes in brief the Six Steps methodology for designing educational environments as set forth in my book Educational Design in Six Steps: A Strategic and Practical Scaffold (Routledge 2020)
Webbed Understanding: A Conversation for Understanding Teaching for understanding is an important educational theory and practice that has generated an enormous body of theoretical and practical literature in recent decades.
Teaching thinking An ideological perspective
Back to Knowledge The article follows the conceptual path made by the teaching thinking movement.
Conflicting Logics in Teaching Critical Thinking The article exposes three conflicting instructional logics of critical thinking and suggests a fourth logic
Good Thinking or The Ironic Path of Teaching Thinking The field of teaching thinking seeks to bypass knowledge but knowing the subject matter one think with and about is essential for good thinking
Communities of Thinking Twelve Israeli schools created communities of thinking to explore how a pedagogy based on questioning can transform teaching and learning.
Teaching and Learning in Community of Thinking The article develops a theory and practice for teaching and learning in a Community of Thinking
Approaches to Teaching Thinking Toward a Conceptual Mapping of the Field