Teaching thinking

An ideological perspective


Education suffers from a logical, not only an empirical, crisis resulting from the fact that society vests education with an ideal image of itself, and expects it to actualize that image – to “pro- duce” graduates that will make society just and happy. Since this expectation cannot ever be fully realized, education is in a crisis “by definition.” This inevitable and unrecognized crisis makes education vulnerable to the “savior syndrome” (Perkins, 1992): Education awaits some “transcendental” intervention – a new educational aim, a new teaching methodology, a new curriculum structure, a new technology, a new policy, a new education czar – that will save it and enable it to actualize its destiny.

Published in Yoram Harpaz, Teaching thinking: An Ideological perspective. in Wegerif, R., Li, L., and Kaufman, J. (eds), The Routledge International Handbook of Reaearch on Teaching Thinking. Ny:2015, pp. 29-44